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Fluorolog3 Fluorimeter

Contact: Dr. Raluca Gearba
Location: EER 6.644

Equipment Type:


Information the Equipment Can Provide

The Horiba fluorimeter can be used for fluorescence as well as lifetime measurements.

System Characteristics:

  • The excitation sources include a 450 W ozone-free Xenon arc lamp, flash lamp, and pulsed nanoLEDs.
  • The maximum excitation wavelength is 660 nm
  • The system is equipped with two detectors with ranges from 250 up to 1050 nm and 950 to 1400 nm.
  • Spectral resolution of 0.1 nm
  • Time resolution of 300 ps for life time measurements using pulsed LED light sources covering a broad spectral range (see below)
  • The system includes a cuvette holder for solutions and a holder for solid state samples.
  • Motorized polarizers for anisotropy measurements
  • The software will calculate anisotropies of samples, along with anisotropy decay using software-controlled polarizers.
  • NanoLEDs for 330 nm, 370 nm, 402 nm, 442 nm, 482 nm, 561 nm, 613nm, 635 nm and 980 nm.

Fees and Policies

  • UT Users: $32/hour
  • Higher Education/State Agencies: $84/hour
  • Corporate/External Users: $84/hour

To become a new user of this facility, please read the Instrument Reservation Information page. If you are already a user you can make a reservation in FBS.

To become a user of this instrument please contact the facility manager to schedule a training session.