The Texas Materials Institute is a “virtual” department that guides the destiny of materials science and engineering on the UT campus without imposing the limitations or boundaries inherent to departmental structures.

TMI houses the Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Program and Undergraduate Minor.


The MS&E Graduate Program consistently is highly ranked by the U.S. News and World Report. Our students are typically offered excellent funding, and upon graduation usually receive highly competitive jobs within industry, research labs, and academia.

Recruiting Faculty for Fall 2025 admissions:

  • Arumugam Manthiram
  • Donglei Fan
  • Xiuling Li
  • Edward Yu
  • David Mitlin
  • Li Shi
  • Yuanyue Liu
  • Narayana Aluru
  • Deji Akinwande
  • Filippo Mangolini
  • Tanya Hutter
  • Wennie Wang
  • Jin Yang
  • Desi Kovar
  • Yuebing Zheng
  • Daniel Wasserman
  • Zachariah Page
  • Vaibhav Bahadur
  • Guihua Yu
  • Donald Siegel
  • Alexander Marras
  • Jamie Warner
  • Yi Lu
  • Hadi Khani
  • Jean Anne Incorvia
  • Kent Zheng
  • Eric Taleff
  • Venkat Subramanian 
  • David Burghoff
  • Huiliang Wang
  • Brian Korgel
  • Yaguo Wang
  • Jianshi Zhou
  • Venkat Ganesan
  • Yijin Liu
  • Sanjay Banerjee
  • Qian Yin
  • Michael Cullinan
  • Tim Yeh
  • Wei Li
  • Graeme Henkelman