The Mitlin lab has developed a groundbreaking anode-free all-solid-state battery (AF-ASSB) with a sulfide-based solid-electrolyte (SE).

By fine-tuning the lithium metal deposition on a specially treated copper current-collector, they've achieved remarkable efficiency gains. Initial tests show the battery matches or exceeds typical lithium foil thickness, indicating strong charging capacity. Paired with NMC811 cathode, it boasts an initial efficiency of 83%, maintaining over 99% cycling efficiency. Advanced imaging reveals uniform metal distribution without defects. This research highlights the importance of material engineering in advancing battery technology, offering the potential for cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions.

This paper presenting the research above was published in the Advanced Materials journal, Volume 35, Issue 8: “Stable Anode-Free All-Solid-State Lithium Battery Through Tuned Metal Wetting on the Copper Current Collector” and it has received enough downloads to rank within the top 10% of papers published. This is achievement is a testament to the recognition and celebration of Dr. Mitlin and his team’s work within the materials community!

On top of this, Dr. David Mitlin, was featured as a presenter for this year’s 41st Annual, IBS seminar & Exhibit.  His featured presentation highlighted his work from the paper above.

mitlin article

It provided a series of case studies derived from the group’s LMB, NMB, and KMB liquid and solid-state research on the microstructural design principles that provide for long-term cycling and fast-charge stability of metal anodes. The wetting behavior of the electrolyte on the anode must be optimized, the wetting/stripping behavior of the metal anode on the current collector must be controlled, and a geometrically and chemically modified SEI must be established. Simultaneously achieving all three leads to stable plating/stripping, while missing even one leads to rapid dendrite.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Mitlin and his team on their achievements this month!