MS&E's very own graduate advisor and Associate Professor in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Yuebing Zheng, was one of six seminar speakers invited to the Distinguished Seminar Series 2023 for the University of Colorado-Boulder. 

The Distinguished Seminar Series 2023 by UC Boulder, usually features department chairs of department heads, but Dr. Zheng had the privilege of being invited.

His talk, Hot Trends in Biophotonics, discusses biophotonics becoming an indispensable force in biomedical research, diagnostics, and therapy. In this seminar, Dr. Zheng dives into the realm of heat-mediated optical manipulation techniques that transcend the constraints of conventional optical tweezers. These innovations extend their prowess to diverse materials, working environments, and operational modes, all while demanding lower optical power, minimizing sample damage, and ensuring user-friendliness.

Moreover, Dr. Zheng fuses optical manipulation and machine learning in optical spectroscopy and microscopy to unveil biological structures and functions at unparalleled sensitivity, resolution, and speed. Lastly, he converges biomimicry and machine learning to yield photonic materials with exceptional heat management capabilities.

With their superior functionalities, these biophotonic innovations catalyze applications across diverse domains, including cell biology, the exploration of collective motion within living species and robots, precise disease diagnosis, pharmaceutical safety assessment, and passive radiative cooling.

Please join in us in congratulating Dr. Zheng on this accomplishment!