Student Organizations

Students enrolled in the Materials Science & Engineering Program have many options for getting involved in student organizations and activities at the University of Texas at Austin. The list below includes many of the organizations that current MSE students are involved with.

Materials Research Society Student Chapter (MRS)

The goal of the Materials Research Society (MRS) Student Chapter is to generate student interest in materials science. The chapter also serves as a platform for its members to network with materials scientists in industry, academia and government worldwide. Members have access to  professional development opportunities such as guest speakers, seminars, conferences, and social events. The chapter also works with the national Materials Research Society to provide travel support for its members to attend the bi-annual MRS conferences.

Material Advantage Student Chapter

Material Advantage was started in order to enable UT students interested in Materials Science to network and socialize with each other. The primary goal of Material Advantage is to stimulate student interest in the latest scientific and engineering developments in the field of Materials Science and Engineering.

Contact the UT Material Advantage Student Chapter for more information.

Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE)

Students involved in the SAMPE UT Austin/Texas State student chapter receive the following benefits:

• Receive one free year of professional membership upon your graduation
• Receive all issues of the SAMPE Journal
• Receive full member access to the SAMPE website which includes free access to all conference proceedings and the Journal in electronic format
• Student chapter participation, which teaches leadership and enhances resume
• Participate in SAMPE Student programs including:
o SAMPE Student Bridge Program – with team cash awards
o SAMPE Student Chapter Funding Awards – up to a $1,000 for your chapter
o SAMPE Student Research Symposium – up to a $1,000 individual award and trips abroad
o SAMPE Student Leader Experience Program – expense paid trip to conferences

• Attend local professional chapter meetings, for a significantly discounted cost, where students can:
o Network with materials and process engineering professionals in specific areas
o Meet professionals that might be able to assist with student projects, internships, or employment
o Learn new things from the presentations at the meetings

Contact the UT Austin chapter president for more information.

Graduate Engineering Council (GEC)

The purpose of Graduate Engineering Council (GEC) is to serve the needs of the Engineering Graduate Students at The University of Texas at Austin by representing students to the Student Senate and the Dean’s Office. One of GEC’s most popular services is the Travel Grant, awarded once a year to help graduate students cover travel expenses to conferences.

Society of Women Engineers Graduate Committee (SWE)

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) – UT Austin Collegiate Section – Graduate Committee is a committee of graduate students within SWE that fosters a support network for graduate women in engineering and computer science. The SWE Graduate Committee seeks to:

  • Provide personal, professional, and leadership development opportunities for graduate women in engineering and computer science
  • Serve as mentors to undergraduate SWE members, especially in education about graduate school, fellowships, and research experiences
  • Promote graduate involvement in SWE at the Society level by staying current with the Graduate Focus Interest Group and the Women in Academia Committee
  • Maintain a symbiotic relationship with the Women in Engineering Program Faculty Committee at UT