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Zachariah Page Assistant Professor Page, Zachariah
Tim Yeh Assistant Professor Yeh, Tim
Filippo Mangolini Assistant Professor Mangolini, Filippo
Yuanyue Liu Assistant Professor Liu, Yuanyue
Raissa Ferron Assistant Professor Ferron, Raissa
Willy Fischler Professor Fischler, Willy
Nathaniel Lynd Assistant Professor Lynd, Nathaniel
Sean Roberts Assistant Professor Roberts, Sean
Delia Milliron Associate Professor Milliron, Delia
Michael Cullinan Assistant Professor Cullinan, Michael
Vaibhav Bahadur Assistant Professor Bahadur, Vaibhav
Yuebing Zheng Assistant Professor Zheng, Yuebing
Gregory A. Fiete Associate Professor Fiete, Gregory A.
Daniel T. Jaffe Professor, Vice President for Research Jaffe, Daniel T.
Michael Rose Assistant Professor Rose, Michael
Brian Korgel Professor, Edward S. Hyman Endowed Chair in Engineering Korgel, Brian
Ananth Dodabalapur Professor Dodabalapur, Ananth
Michael D. Bryant Professor Bryant, Michael D.
Yaguo Wang Assistant Professor Wang, Yaguo
Raymond Orbach Professor Orbach, Raymond
Jung-Fu (Afu) Lin Associate Professor Lin, Jung-Fu (Afu)
Keji Lai Assistant Professor Lai, Keji
Wei Li Professor Li, Wei
Deji Akinwande Associate Professor Akinwande, Deji
Guihua Yu Associate Professor Yu, Guihua
Nanshu Lu Assistant Professor Lu, Nanshu
Jianshi Zhou Research Professor Zhou, Jianshi
Steve Swinnea TMI X-Ray Facility Manager and Lecturer, Chemical Engineering Swinnea, Steve
Gregory J. Rodin Professor Rodin, Gregory J.
Thomas Truskett Department Chair, Chemical Engineering; Professor Truskett, Thomas
Mark Raizen Sid W. Richardson Foundation Regents Chair in Physics #2 Raizen, Mark
C. Buddie Mullins Professor Mullins, C. Buddie
Thomas Milner Professor Milner, Thomas
Joseph Koo Senior Research Scientist Lecturer Koo, Joseph
Brent Iverson Dean of Undergraduate Studies Iverson, Brent
Benny Freeman Richard B. Curran Centennial Chair in Engineering Freeman, Benny
Richard Crooks Robert A. Welch Chair in Chemistry Crooks, Richard
Jennifer Brodbelt Professor Brodbelt, Jennifer
Sanjay K. Banerjee Director, Microelectronics Research Center and Cockrell Family Regents Chair in Engineering #4 Banerjee, Sanjay K.
Adela Ben-Yakar Professor Ben-Yakar, Adela
Michael F. Becker Professor Becker, Michael F.
Allen Bard Professor and Director of Center for Electrochemistry Bard, Allen
Maxim Tsoi Professor Tsoi, Maxim
Zhen Yao Associate Professor Yao, Zhen
Chih-Kang Ken Shih Professor, Dr. Arnold Romberg Endowed Chair in Physics Shih, Chih-Kang Ken
Greg O. Sitz Professor Sitz, Greg O.
Allan H. Macdonald Professor, Sid W. Richardson Foundation Regents Chair in Physics #1 Macdonald, Allan H.
Michael P. Marder Director, Academic Program; Professor and Associate Dean Marder, Michael P.
John T. Markert Professor Markert, John T.
Michael W. Downer Professor Downer, Michael W.
James L. Erskine Professor Erskine, James L.
John W. Keto Professor Keto, John W.
Xiaoqin (Elaine) Li Associate Professor Li, Xiaoqin (Elaine)
Alex de Lozanne Professor de Lozanne, Alex
Alex Demkov Professor Demkov, Alex
Juan M. Sanchez Vice-President for Research and Endowed Professor Sanchez, Juan M.
Li Shi Professor Shi, Li
S.V. Sreenivasan Professor, Joe C. Walter, Jr. Chair in Engineering and Cockrell Family Chair in Engineering # 12 Sreenivasan, S.V.
Eric M. Taleff Professor Taleff, Eric M.
Tess J. Moon Professor Moon, Tess J.
Desiderio Kovar Professor Kovar, Desiderio
Sheldon Landsberger Professor Landsberger, Sheldon
Arumugam Manthiram Professor and TMI Director, Cockrell Family Regents Chair in Engineering # 7 Manthiram, Arumugam
Donglei Fan Associate Professor Fan, Donglei
John B. Goodenough Professor, Virginia H. Cockrell Centennial Chair in Engineering Goodenough, John B.
David L. Bourell Professor Bourell, David L.
Jonathan Yan Chen Professor Chen, Jonathan Yan
Emanuel Tutuc Associate Professor Tutuc, Emanuel
Edward T. Yu Judson S. Swearingen Regents Chair in Engineering Yu, Edward T.
Jack C. Lee Professor Lee, Jack C.
Dean P. Neikirk Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Professor Neikirk, Dean P.
Ray T. Chen Professor, Keys and Joan Curry/Cullen Trust Endowed Chair Chen, Ray T.
Andrea Alù Professor Alù, Andrea
Seth R. Bank Associate Professor Bank, Seth R.
Kevin J. Folliard Professor Folliard, Kevin J.
Maria G. Juenger Associate Professor Juenger, Maria G.
C. Grant Willson Rashid Engineering Regents Chair Willson, C. Grant
David A. Vandenbout Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, College of Natural Sciences, Professor Vandenbout, David A.
Lauren J. Webb Associate Professor Webb, Lauren J.
Jason B. Shear Professor Shear, Jason B.
Dmitrii E. Makarov Professor; Executive Director, UTeach Science Program Makarov, Dmitrii E.
Andrew Ellington Professor Ellington, Andrew
Graeme Henkelman Professor Henkelman, Graeme
Alan H. Cowley Professor Cowley, Alan H.
Eric V. Anslyn Distinguished Teaching Professor Anslyn, Eric V.
Donald R. Paul Ernest Cockrell, Sr. Chair in Engineering Paul, Donald R.
Nicholas A. Peppas Department Chair, Biomedical Engineering; Fletcher Stuckey Pratt Chair in Engineering Peppas, Nicholas A.
Isaac C. Sanchez Professor, William J. (Bill) Murray, Jr. Endowed Chair of Engineering Sanchez, Isaac C.
Gyeong Hwang Professor Hwang, Gyeong
Keith P. Johnston M. C. (Bud) and Mary Beth Baird Endowed Chair Johnston, Keith P.
Venkat Ganesan Professor Ganesan, Venkat
James R. Chelikowsky W. A. "Tex" Moncrief, Jr. Chair in Computational Materials Chelikowsky, James R.
John G. Ekerdt Professor and Associate Dean Ekerdt, John G.
Roger T. Bonnecaze William and Bettye Nowlin Chair in Engineering Bonnecaze, Roger T.
Krishnaswa Ravi-Chandar Professor Ravi-Chandar, Krishnaswa
Mark E. Mear Professor Mear, Mark E.
Laxminarayan L. Raja Professor Raja, Laxminarayan L.
Stelios Kyriakides Cockrell Family Chair in Engineering No. 10 Kyriakides, Stelios
Kenneth M. Liechti Professor Liechti, Kenneth M.
Rui Huang Professor Huang, Rui
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