Nanohmics Seminar

Chris Mann, Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering, UT Austin
Mark Lucente, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, MIT

Founded in 2002, Nanohmics, Inc. is an Austin-based small business that develops next-generation technology and system-level solutions for government and commercial customers. Our growing team of multidisciplinary innovators are developing hardware for a variety of fields including hyperspectral sensors, active wavefront correction, magnetocalorics, thermal energy converters for space applications, and photonic circuit elements.

During the seminar, Nanohmics will present a survey of our recent work in microfabrication, nanotechnology, and signal processing, such as integrated deflection sensors for AFM cantilevers, microoptical element fabrication for chip-scale hyperspectral sensing and flat lenses, plasmonic sensors, flexible thermoelectrics, and nanostructured thermionic emitters. Nanohmics actively pursues new research and development opportunities and anticipates the discussion will open additional opportunities to collaborate with the University of Texas.