JEOL 2010F Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

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The JEOL 2010F is a high resolution transmission electron microscope.

Key Features

  • Lattice Imaging (HRTEM)
  • Elemental identification and mapping (EDXS and EELS)
  • Electronic state identification and mapping (EELS)
  • Magnetic and electronic field mapping (Electron Holography )
  • Phase and orientation identification/mapping with 1 – 2 nm resolution (Diffraction – STEM)
  • Automated phase and orientation mapping (Precession Electron Diffraction ) – similar to EBSD but with a resolution of ~ 5 nm
  • In-situ heating and biasing


TEM: JEOL 2010F facility, showing TEM with three attached computers, which are used for Gatan camera system, JEOL FasTEM system and Oxford INCA EDS system.
  • Imaging Modes: TEM/STEM
  • Voltage: 120/200 KV
  • Cs: 0.5 mm
  • Point to Point Resolution: 0.19 nm
  • Focused Probe: 0.2 nm
  • Source: Schottky Field Emission
  • Tilt Range: ± 15°

Attached Equipment

  • Gatan OneView Camera with IS software
  • Silicon Drift EDS Detector
  • EELS Detector
  • Bi-prism
  • ASTAR Precession Electron Diffraction
  • Double-Tilt Holder
  • Protochips Heating/Biasing Holder





Fees & Policies
  • Trained On-Campus Users: $60/hr
  • Higher Education/State Agencies: $184/hr
  • Corporate Users:  $184/hr




FNT B134


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