Cleanroom: Fujifilm DMP-2800 Dimatix Printer

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The DMP-2800 offers a variety of patterns using a pattern editor program. Additionally, a waveform editor and a drop-watch camera system allows manipulation of the electronic pulses to the piezo jetting device for optimization of the drop characteristics as it is ejected from the nozzle. This system enables easy printing of structures and samples for process verification and prototype creation.


  • Deposition of fluidic materials with typical drop sizes of 1 and 10 picoliters
  • Patterns can be created and printed on substrates up to 8×11 inches and 25 mm thick
  • Substrates are secured on a vacuum platen and can be heated up to 60°C
  • A fiducial camera allows inspection and image capture of patterns and drops as well as alignment for multilayer processes.
Fees & Policies
  • Trained On-Campus UT Users: $30/h
  • Higher Ed/State Agencies: $51/h
  • Corporate Users: $65/h

Facility User Education

To become a user of this instrument please sign up for the next available NT201 and NT250 facility user education classes.  External/Corporate users must contact the facility manager to setup an account before attending facility user education classes.

NT201 Cleanroom Safety Fee: $27.00

NT250 Dimatix Materials Printer: $84.00


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