Cleanroom: AMOD Thermal Deposition System

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The AMOD PVD system can be used to deposit a wide range of materials including metals and organic materials. The AMOD is a resistive thermal evaporation system. The system has six sources available. The process is controlled using quartz rate sensors.


  • The system operation is fully controlled by software.
  • Recipe based advanced multi-layer deposition control.
  • Sequential or co-deposition of materials
  • Stainless steel isolation shields help to protect sources from cross contamination
  • The system is integrated into MBraun glovebox system. The system access can be performed from both the inside of the glovebox or the outside
  • The glovebox is interfaced with a second glovebox which incorporates a spincoater and a heating plate
Fees & Policies
  • Trained On-Campus UT Users: $30/h
  • Higher Ed/State Agencies: $51/h
  • Corporate Users: $65/h

Facility User Education

To become a user of this instrument please sign up for the next available NT201 and NT210 facility user education classes.  External/Corporate users must contact the facility manager to setup an account before attending facility user education classes.

Fee: $63.00


FNT 4.106


Raluca Gearba