Living in Austin

Known as “The Live Music Capitol,” Austin was recently rated as second in the nation for job growth as well as fourteenth in the nation for business and careers by   Our cost of living is only 8.9% above the national average, making it the perfect place for students and young professionals which may explain why Austin is also the 11th largest city in the US with a population of over 840,000.  We are  home to 7 colleges and universities; the largest student population with over 40,000 students being the University of Texas.

Only here in Austin can you ice skate on the roof of a building in 70 degree weather, take selfies with statues of Willie Nelson, and hob nob with celebs at dive bars on the east side.  We like to “Keep Austin Weird,” which is the best part of this multi-faceted city that offers activities for every interest on any given day of the year.

This combination of cultural diversity, low cost of living, and economic growth makes it one of the best places to attend graduate school.  Interested?  For more information about life in Austin, please click on the links to the left.