Doctoral Qualification Process

To qualify for Ph.D. candidacy, you must maintain a 3.3 GPA in the three required core courses and show sufficient progress in your research. All students are expected to complete their core courses by the end of their third long semester at UT Austin. If you do not have a 3.3 GPA in your core courses, you may take one additional semester to complete additional core courses that are outside of your Thrust area and raise your GPA to 3.3. Note that if you are required to take 4 core courses, the GPA for your core courses is computed based on the average for all four core courses. You cannot retake a class to raise your core course GPA.

Discuss your class selections with your supervisor and the Graduate Advisor to ensure you are on the right track. Under exceptional circumstances, exceptions to the 3.3 GPA may be granted. To apply for an exception, an explanation of the circumstances should be submitted to the Graduate Adviser in writing; applications for exceptions are considered by the Graduate Studies Committee.

Core Materials Science & Engineering Courses

1. Phase Transformations:

  • ME 386P1 or equivalent

2. Thermodynamics:

  • ME 386P3, CH 382L, CHE 387, or equivalent

3. Choose 1 from 3 below:

  • Mechanical Behavior of Materials: ME 386P2 or equivalent
  • Structure of Materials: ME 386P5 or equivalent
  • Solid State Properties of Materials: ME 386P4 or equivalent