CNM Welcomes New Staff Member Stacy Brodie and Visiting Professor Dean Campbell

Professor Dean Campbell is here on sabbatical from Bradley University, which is  located in Peoria, Illinois.

His research interests include chemistry education and materials chemistry, especially the optical, magnetic, and catalytic properties of nanostructures.  While at UT-Austin he will be working with Prof. Keith Stevenson and other CNM staff and faculty on development of new education initiatives and research activities involving nanoscience and technology. He will also be exploring the use of core@shell nanoparticles as electrocatalysts for selective, single-molecule detection.

Stacy Brodie, our new Doctoral Portfolio Program coordinator, began working at the CNM this summer. Stacy assists Portfolio students in meeting the requirements to earn their certificates in the program and also coordinates the Portfolio Program seminar series. Stacy also has been instrumental in updating various CNM and Portfolio print and online media.

The next time you visit the Faulkner Nanoscience and Technology building, please introduce yourself to Stacy and Dean and join us in welcoming them to the CNM.