Features Dr. Nanshu Lu’s Biosensors

Nanshu LuTMI faculty member Dr. Nanshu Lu was featured just this past week on for her innovative work on disposable biosensors.  Utilizing cost efficient methods such as 3D-printing and simple medical adhesives, Dr. Lu and her research group have found a way to monitor patients’ health for up to a week with small, “tattoo-like wearables” that wirelessly communicate your vital signs to doctors’ laptops, tablets, and cell phones.  In addition, her group is developing smaller chips to ensure the device can be worn comfortably and at the same low cost.

Dr. Lu’s continued advancements in the field of biosensors make her a key member of TMI and an invaluable supervisor for our graduate program.

You can check out Dr. Lu’s research group here and for the full story at here.