Laura Spinella Receives S.C. Sun Best Student Paper Award

Texas Materials Institute is proud to announce that MS&E student Laura Spinella was awarded the S.C. Sun Best Student Paper Award at the 18th Annual IEEE 2016 International Interconnect Technology Conference/Advanced Metallization Conference, held in San Jose, CA on May 23rd – May 26th, 2016.

Laura was awarded for her paper titled “Effect of scaling copper through-silicon vias (TSVs) on stress and reliability for 3D interconnects” and received complimentary conference registration for having one of the top five student papers. She will be honored at an awards ceremony at the 2017 Conference hosted in Taiwan on May 16 – 18, 2017.

Her research is focused on examining the thermomechanical reliability of TSVs, which are vertical interconnects that enable full 3D integration for integrated circuits. This work demonstrates that downscaling TSV dimensions does not improve the reliability due to the elastic anisotropy of the copper microstructure, which induces abnormal grain growth and creates high statistical scatter. This research also demonstrates the importance of investigating the statistical nature of the TSV behavior and traces the mechanisms of the reliability risks. Powerful techniques such as synchrotron x-ray microdiffraction, nanoindentation, and electron backscatter diffraction are used to show the role of the copper grains in worsening the statistics of the reliability with continued scaling, and a thermomechanical model and a microstructure evolution simulation are used to validate the mechanisms.

We would like to congratulate Laura on all of her hard work and continuous drive to excel. To learn more about her research within Dr. Paul Ho’s group, please see their website here.