Former MS&E Graduate Student Awarded SAMPE Honor

Former MS&E Graduate Student Dr. Hao Wu Wins SAMPE Student Paper Award


Under the supervision of Dr. Mourad Krifa and Dr. Joseph H. Koo, Hao Wu’s research presented at the SAMPE Student Research Symposium, Anaheim, CA, Sept 27-30, 2016 has focused on processing and characterizing flame retardant (FR) nylon nanocomposites in both bulk and fiber form. He received the 1st place award in the PhD category. One major drawback for this widely used engineering thermoplastic is flammability and dripping tendency when exposed to fire. The objective of the research is to develop a new type of fibrous nylon material with inherently flame retardant and non-drip properties while maintaining a low cost compared to other high performance FR fibers such as Nomex and PBI. A selection of four materials was used in this research, each plays a unique role to maintain the balance between mechanical and FR performances. The FR nylon formulations developed in this research achieved the highest flame retardant rating (UL-94 V0) in injection molded form. The FR nylon fibers meet both self-extinguishing and non-dripping criteria.


Hao received his PhD degree in Materials Science and Engineering in August 2016. He currently works as a post-doc at UT under the same supervisors.