Individual Faculty Equipment

Individual Faculty Equipment

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Banerjee, Sanjay: Chemical vapor deposition systems for Si-Ge-C heteroepitaxy, I-V characterization as a function of temperature, magnetic field, pressure, photoluminescence, DLTS.

Barbara, Paul: Near field scanning optical microscope; scanning confocal single molecule fluorescence microscope.

Bard, Allen J.: Scanning electrochemical microscope.

Brown, R. Malcolm Jr.: High resolution transmission electron microscope, light microscopy laboratory equipped with digital image processing and the following optics: Nomarski Interference; fluorescence; polarization, darkfield, phase contrast, brightfield.

Bourell, David L.: Particulate Processing and Characterization Facility including the following equipment: mercury porosimeter, gas pychnometer, surface analyzer, optical microscope with image analysis capability, surface profilometer, sintering furnaces to 3000C, residual gas analyzer, hot isosatic press (HIP), coordinate measuring machine.

Campion, Alan: Four ultrahigh vacuum surface science chambers variously equipped with low-energy electron diffraction, Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), ion scattering spectroscopy (ISS), secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy(HREELS), thermal desorption spectroscopy and (unique to our research group) surface Raman spectroscopy, Conventional Raman spectroscopy with excitation wavelengths from 350-850 nm. Time correlated single photon counting with 15 ps time resolution.

Carlson, William: High-resolution and ultra-high-resolution industrial/scientific X-ray computed tomographic (CT) scanners; digital image-analysis laboratory.

De Lozanne, Alex: Low temperature scanning tunneling microscope (STM); Low temperature Magnetic Force Microscope (MFM); STM for nanostructure fabrication. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with lithography capabilities; thin film evaporators, ion milling; dilution refrigerator (23 mK), 8 Tesla magnet.

Downer, Mike: Several femtosecond laser systems.

Dupuis, Russell D.: EMCORE D125 Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) system for III-V nitrides; EMCORE GS3200 Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) system for III-V arsenides and phosphides; Time-resolved photoluminescence system for wide-bandgap semiconductors; electronic device testing and characterization facilities.

Ekerdt, John G.: Surface analysis facilities designed to study interface chemistry and physics.

Ellington, Andrew D.: PhosphoImager, Beckman Biomek 2000 automated laboratory workstation, tissue culture facility, thermal gradient 9CR machine, micro-calorimeter.

Erskine, James L.: Synchrotron radiation beamline; Ultrahigh Resolution Photoemission and Spin-Polarized Electron Photoemission.

Goodenough, John B.: High pressure synthesis, thermal analysis, SQUID magnetometer, AC-impedance spectroscopy, battery-electrode tester, electrochemical testing, synthethesis facilities, IR image single-crystal furnace, variety of home made apparatus for physical measurements.

Holmes, Archie L., Jr.: Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) for compound semiconductors (GaAs, InP, GaN); direct wafer bonding system; temperature dependent Hall-Effect measurements system; low temperature photoluminescence.

Johnston, Keith P.: High pressure equipment for supercritical fluids, FTIR spectrometer, UV-vis spectrometer.

Keto, John: Near field laser spectroscopy, Facilities for high resolution uv, visible, and infrared laser spectroscopy, time-resolved picosecond spectroscopy, microRaman spectroscopy.

Kovar, Desiderio: Ceramics Processing Laboratory (facilities for tapecasting, dry pressing, laminating, pyrolysis, sintering, and machining of ceramics and ceramic composites) Mechanical Testing Facility (3 computer controlled servohydraulic testing frames for mechanical properties testing from room temperature to 1600C; computer controlled screw driven testing frame).

Kwong, Dim-Lee: Rapid thermal CVD systems for semiconductor materials processing and electronic device fabrication.

Landsberger, Sheldon: Non-destructive neutron activation analysis to determine trace elements in various materials, neutron depth profile, prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis.

Manthiram, Arumugam : SQUID magnetometer, battery tester and electrochemical measurements, electrical and ionic transport measurements, thermal analysis system (DSC, TGA, TMA and DTA).

Marder, Michael P.: Mechanical testing facility with ability to measure crack speeds in brittle materials with high precision.

Markert, John: Magnetometry, high-Q oscillator techniques, crystal growth, high pressure NMR spectroscopy, NMR microscopy.

McDevitt, John T. : Home-built spectroscopy facilities, 2 each; cryostats equipped with closed cycle refrigerators, 3 each; excimer laser, 1 each; and laser ablation deposition chambers, 2 each; four-point probe conductivity stations, automated for contact resistance measurements, 3 each; profilometer, 1 each; Princeton Applied Research system model 273 potentiostat/galvanostat, 2 each; 7.) metal evaporator, 1 each; inert atmosphere glove box, 1 each; tube and box furnaces, 7 each; amray scanning electron microscope (SEM), 1 each.

Mullins, C. Buddie.: Two ultrahigh vacuum surface science instruments with supersonic molecular beam capabilities.

Paul, Donald R.: Polymer processing laboratory, thermal and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), light scattering (small and wide angle), sorption and permeability laboratory, cryogenic ultramicrotome.

Ralls, Kenneth M.: Metallography laboratory, optical microscopy laboratory, Vickers and Knoop hardness testers, Instron mechanical testing system, Rockwell hardness testers.

Schmidt, Christine E.: Cell culture, video microscopy and image analysis, histology, molecular biology and biochemistry, synthetic and polymer chemistry.

Shear, Jason.: Femtosecond mode-locked laser sources.

Shih, Chih-Kang (Ken): Room temperature and cryogenic temperature UHV-STMs, cryogenic NSOM, Micro-PL, atomic force microscope (AFM), and UHV-SEM/STM (shared with other faculty members).

Steinfink, Hugo: Powder and single-crystal x-ray diffractometers.

Taleff, Eric M.: Mechanical testing facilities for elevated temperatures.

Vanden Bout, David A.: Near-field scanning optical microscope, time-correlated single photon counting fluorescence spectrometer, single molecule spectroscopy microscope, Ti:sapphire ultrafast laser.

Webber, Stephen E.: Near field scanning optical microscope, scanning confocal single molecule fluoresence microscope, fluorimeters, light scattering, size exclusion chromatography.

Wheat, Harovel G.: Computer controlled potentiostats and lock-in amplifiers for electrochemical testing of structural materials in various environments.

White, (John) Mike: Four ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) systems: (1 time of flight mass spectrometer (TOF) and resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization laser (REMPI), (2) reflection-absorption infrared spectrometer (RAIRS), (3) x-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS), and (4) variable temperature scanning tunneling microscope (VTSTM).

Willson, Grant: Thin film coating and characterization facilities, dissolution rate measurement facilities.