Name Phone Function Sorting Name
Kevin Smith Kevin Smith 512-4715-8480 Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Equipment Billing, Travel Authorizations, Pro card Reconciliation, LRC Issues Smith, Kevin
Richard D. Piner, Research Associate Richard Piner 512-232-5948 Facility manager for Characterization Lab Piner, Richard
Kristofer Ohlinger, Technical Staff Assistant V Kristofer Ohlinger 512-471-2510 Inventory and Equipment Maintenance Ohlinger, Kristofer
K. Jarvis, Research Engineering/Scientist Associate IV K. Jarvis 512-232-1884 Facility Manager for Jeol TEM and Hitachi and Quanta SEM facilities Jarvis, K.
Krista Seidel 512-471-1504 Graduate Coordinator for Materials Science and Engineering program Seidel, Krista
Andrei Dolocan, Research Scientist Andrei Dolocan 512-232-7002 Facility Manager for TOF-SIMS equipment. Dolocan, Andrei
Shouliang Zhang, Research Engineering/Scientist Associate V Shouliang Zhang 512-232-7002 Facility Manager for Hitachi and Quanta SEM and Jeol TEM facilities Zhang, Shouliang
Alex Tomecek 512-475-8293 Budget, HR, Grant Proposals, Account Inquiries, and General TMI Questions Tomecek, Alex
Hugo Celio Hugo Celio (512) 232-7002 Facility Manager for Kratos XPS and Polymer Lab facilities Celio, Hugo
Steve Swinnea Steve Swinnea 512-471-3173 Facility Manager for X-Ray facilities, LRC support Swinnea, Steve
Name Phone Function