Chemistry Faculty

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Zachariah Page Assistant Professor Page, Zachariah
Sean Roberts Assistant Professor Roberts, Sean
Michael Rose Assistant Professor Rose, Michael
Brent Iverson Dean of Undergraduate Studies Iverson, Brent
Richard Crooks Robert A. Welch Chair in Chemistry Crooks, Richard
Jennifer Brodbelt Professor Brodbelt, Jennifer
Allen Bard Professor and Director of Center for Electrochemistry Bard, Allen
C. Grant Willson Rashid Engineering Regents Chair Willson, C. Grant
David A. Vandenbout Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, College of Natural Sciences, Professor Vandenbout, David A.
Lauren J. Webb Associate Professor Webb, Lauren J.
Jason B. Shear Professor Shear, Jason B.
Dmitrii E. Makarov Professor; Executive Director, UTeach Science Program Makarov, Dmitrii E.
Andrew Ellington Professor Ellington, Andrew
Graeme Henkelman Professor Henkelman, Graeme
Alan H. Cowley Professor Cowley, Alan H.
Eric V. Anslyn Distinguished Teaching Professor Anslyn, Eric V.
James R. Chelikowsky W. A. "Tex" Moncrief, Jr. Chair in Computational Materials Chelikowsky, James R.
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