Science Sundays at Austin Children’s Museum

The Science Sundays program, which brings activity clusters to Austin Children’s Museum (ACM) visitors on Sunday afternoons, is in its sixth year.  The Center for Layered Polymeric Systems has led the way in introducing children ages 2 to 10 and their families to sophisticated science and engineering concepts.   Through hands-on experiments and demonstrations that are properly tailored for youngsters, children make hypotheses, test them, and draw conclusions from their results.  Other teaching and research units at UT, including the UTeach elementary school teacher training program, model their own ACM sessions on activity clusters initially implemented by TMI and its member programs.  With these activities, children have learned about chemical and wind energy, fractal patterns, interfaces, polymers, chemical changes, making measurements, and the big world of nano concepts using kits developed especially for their adaptability to a broad range of ages and experience.  Just as importantly, UT students learn how to communicate effectively with interested visitors who may have no background at all in science and engineering.