Optical And Photonic Materials

Optical and Photonic Materials Topics at Texas Materials Institute

Optical and Photonic Materials will play a key role in the future miniaturization of electronic and telecommunication devices and systems. The unique opportunity presented by nanoscale materials for optical applications is being actively pursued by several TMI research groups. Some of the areas of optical and photonic materials investigation include:

Quantum Confined and Nanostructured Materials
Synthesis, properties, and devices that incorporate nanostructure in order to achieve special optical functionality due to quantum confinement or due to the large surface to volume ratio of nanomaterials. We study methods to achieve controlled nanostructure and the resulting optical emission, detection, and optical processing effects that arise.

Fabrication of nanoparticles and their organization into controlled arrays and structures that have specialized optical properties as described above.

Laser synthesis of materials and materials modification- the use of the laser as a process tool.

Quantum chemistry, photosensing, and photolithographic materials. Development of materials for modern lithographic and nano-lithographic processes.

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