Dr. Edward Yu: New Semiconductor Materials and Advanced Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices

Dr. Edward Yu’s group conducts research on new semiconductor materials and advanced electronic and optoelectronic devices, and are concerned broadly with the understanding, manipulation, and application of the electronic and optical properties of solid-state materials and devices at the nanoscale. To these ends, Dr. Yu’s laboratory incorporates efforts in advanced materials characterization, particularly using proximal probe techniques; micro- and nanofabrication; device characterization and analysis of device physics; and numerical modeling and simulation. Current areas of interest include the following:

photovoltaics and other technologies for energy harvesting, generation, and storage

wide bandgap semiconductors for electronics and optoelectronics

nanoscale imaging and characerization techniques, particularly based on proximal probes

spin-based semiconductor devices

solid-state nanostructure physics and devices generally

Trapping light in a photovoltaic device.

Dr. Yu’s research group site.