CH 353 – Physical Chemistry I

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Unique Number51375
Instructor Ron Elber
Meeting Days / TimeLecture: MWF, 9:00am-10:00am
LocationWEL 2.122
Semesters Taught
Course Description

Equations of state, laws of thermodynamics, ideal and non ideal situations, phase equilibria, thermodynamics of chemical reactions.

Chemistry 353 & 353M may not both be counted.


MSE students enrolling in this course may need to visit the Chemistry department to get coded to register for CH courses.

Math 408C & 408D, or two of the following: Mathematics 408K, 408L, 408M, 408N, 408S, Chemistry 302 or 302H with a grade of at least C-; and Physics 316 and 116L, 303L and 103N, or 317L and 117N.

May be counted toward the quantitative reasoning flag requirement.