Instructions, Training, and Billing


**Important Note**

As of September 1st, 2015, all users must complete an information sheet prior to reserving any piece of equipment.  This is a federal requirement that if not followed may cause you to forfeit user privileges until it is completed.

Please follow the link here and complete the form.


How to Find and Reserve Equipment

Details for all TMI facilities are listed on the Research Equipment page.  You can filter the list by equipment type and research use, or simply start typing in the Search Equipment field to search for equipment by name. Select an instrument from the list to read more about the instrument’s function, see usage rates, and find facility manager contact information.

To reserve equipment, select the green Reserve Equipment link in the top right corner of the instrument detail page, or scroll down to the Hours and Availability section at the bottom of the page.  Clicking the Make Reservation button will direct you to the FBS portal where all reservations are now made for TMI. If you are a first time user, you will need to contact the facility manager listed for the equipment in order to get access to FBS and any required training for the equipment.


All users must complete training before they will be allowed to use TMI equipment.  Training requirements  for each instrument are set by the facility manager who oversees that instrument.  To schedule training, please contact the facility manager listed as the contact on the instrument detail page (which can be found by selecting the instrument from the list on the Research Equipment page).

Please note that you cannot schedule training by making a reservation for the equipment.  All new users must contact the facility manager for training requirements before reserving time on the equipment.



Billing and Usage Rules

All internal users must provide a valid UT Austin 10-digit account number before they will be permitted to use the equipment. Account numbers must be provided at the time of service; there are no exceptions.  You will not be allowed to use TMI equipment if you do not follow this rule. You will be billed for your whole reservation unless you cancel it more than 2 hours in advance. You will not be billed for a reservation if the equipment is down.

External Users

External users must first set up an account before attending any training classes or using the facility.  Contact the facility manager listed on the instrument detail page to set up an account.

Corporate and external universities/state entities must pay the separate “Corporate User Rate” or “External University/State Entity Rate”.  Corporate and External users may only pay the “Internal User Rate” if a collaboration exists with a UT Austin PI.  To qualify as a collaborator, the external user must provide the following:

  1. The name of the funding entity.
  2. The sponsor project name, UT account number, and name of the internal PI on the project to demonstrate they are co-PIs.
  3. The scope of work for each sponsored project detailing the usage of the TMI facilities.
For all billing inquiries or to request an invoice for accounting documentation, please contact Kevin Smith.