Solar Cell Testing Glovebox

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The glovebox contains a setup for testing photovoltaic cells such as CIGS, organic and perovskite based devices.

The measurement setup includes

  • Keithley 2400 general purpose source meter
  • Xenon lamp solar simulator (Newport) equipped with an AM1.5G filter. The light source intensity is calibrated using a Si photodiode (Hamamatsu, S1787-08) with certification traceable to NIST
  • External quantum efficiency (EQE) measurements can be performed using monochromatic light generated using a commercial monochromator (Newport Cornerstone 260 1/4M) chopped at 213 Hz and focused to a spot size of 1 mm diameter on the device active region. A lock-in-amplifier (Stanford Research Systems, model SR830) is used to measure EQE at given wavelength increments.
  • Light intensity is calibrated using calibrated photodiodes of silicon (Hamamatsu) and germanium (Judson).
Fees & Policies
  • Trained On-Campus UT Users: $30/h
  • Higher Ed/State Agencies: $51/h
  • Corporate Users: $65/h

Facility User Education

To become a user of this instrument please sign up for the next available NT201 facility user education class.  Please contact Dr. Raluca Gearba for specific instrument training. External/Corporate users must contact CNM to setup an account before attending facility user education classes.

NT201 Cleanroom Safety Fee: $27.00


FNT 4.102


Raluca Gearba