KSV Langmuir-Blodgett Assembly and Deposition Trough

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The system can be used to fabricate and characterize multilayer films with precise control of lateral packing density.

Model: KSV MiniTrough


  • PTFE trough with a surface area of 273 cm^2 (L364 x W75 x D7 mm^3), a dipping well (L37 x W37 x D64 mm^3) and a subphase volume of 280 ml
  • Hydrophobic (PTFE) and hydrophilic barriers (polyacetal or Delfrin) are used to adjust the surface pressure. Barrier speed: 0.01 mm to 400 mm/min
  • The surface pressure is measured by using the Wilhelmy plate method (Pt plate or paper). The total measurement range ofthe balance is +/- 2000 mg. The width of the platinum Wilhelmy plate has been chosen so that 1 mN/m corresponds to 4 mg
  • A fiducial camera allows inspection and image capture of patterns and drops as well as alignment for multilayer processes.
  • The deposition system consists of a dipping arm with a speed range between 0.1 to 85 mm/min
  • Monolayers and multilayers transfers
  • Software controlled operation
  • Max size of substrate 60 x 35 mm
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FNT 4.106


Raluca Gearba