Visit our Nano Events at Explore UT 2011!

Each year, The University of Texas at Austin opens it campus for the biggest open house in Texas, Explore UT. At Explore UT, the public has a chance to interact with students and faculty by participating in hands-on events and activities.

Below are the activities that are being sponsored by the Center for Nano- and Molecular Science and Technology by the CNM. These events will take place in and around the Larry R. Faulkner Nanoscience and Technology (FNT) building on the UT campus. Last year we welcomed more than 500 families to our building. We look forward to seeing you Saturday!

Nano Goes Long (and Squishy) – Hands-On Polymer Science
Have some goopy fun with lo-o-o-ng molecules—polymers. Use water-sensitive polymers to make your own snow in Texas.

Ants and Giants
See an operating electron microscope and learn how small a nanometer is. Watch scientists use tiny robot arms to move and cut nano wires.

Cleanroom Experience
Put on a bunny suit and experience what is required to enter a cleanroom. View specialized equipment used to fabricate very small devices and structures.

Nano Playground
What does an eyelash look like blown up 2,000 times? How tall are you in nanometers? What does nanotechnology hold for the future? What effect does nanotechnology have on my life right now? Find out answers to these at the Nano Playground.

For more information about Explore UT, including event times and locations, please see the link below: