Program Requirements

Program Requirements

The following requirements are part of the Nano Portfolio Program:

1. Course work (12 credit hours):

Complete any one (1) of the following introductory survey courses:
CHE 384 Nanomaterials Chemistry and Engineering (Prof. Brian Korgel)
ME 386Q Nanoscale Science and Technology
ME 397 Introduction to Micro and Nanomanufacturing
Complete one (1) home department course in nanoscience or nanotechnology
Complete two (2) elective courses outside of your home department (list of approved courses)
2. Seminar Series

Attend a minimum number of seminars in the CNM Seminar Series per semester (number may vary by semester). Please note that that CNM Seminar Series will be on temporary hiatus during the Fall 2016 semester due to staff leave. As such, the seminar attendance requirement is suspended for the semester. We will resume holding the CNM Seminar Series in Spring 2017, at which point the seminar attendance requirement will once again be in effect.
4. Student Presentations

Present your nanoscience/nanotechnology research in the Student Presentations session before graduation
Upon completion of your degree you will receive a PhD in your respective department with a Certificate of Completion from the Doctoral Portfolio Program in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.