Degree Requirements

Faculty Supervisor

Most students will enter the program having already selected a faculty supervisor. Your faculty supervisor plays a vital role in all areas of your graduate education; therefore, it is very important that you discuss your research regularly with your faculty supervisor. Make sure you attend all group meetings and that your course selections meet both the MS&E program thrust area requirements and your faculty supervisor’s approval.

Degree Options

Degrees in the MS&E program are approached in 3 ways: a terminal masters degree, a master’s degree followed by a doctoral degree, or direct admission into the Ph.D. program. You need to decide which plan you want to follow and discuss your decision with your faculty supervisor and the Graduate Adviser. Final approval will depend on your previous educational achievements and other qualifications, including work experience.

Students should also choose a Thrust Area by the time of their first semester’s registration. Any changes to this selection must be reported to the Graduate Coordinator.